Established in 1983, Great India has been the capital's favourite Indian restaurant for over 30 years. With both chefs orginally perfecting their trade in Leicester in the Midlands, Great India specialises in Anglo-British-Indian cuisine. Located in the Courtenay Place region it is in the heart of the city's bar and nightlife area and just metres from cinemas and theatres. Great India comprises a menu of superbly crafted traditional dishes such as rogan josh, lamb vindaloo and butter chicken, mixed with a stunning array of more modern, mouth watering Indian delicacies such as Goan Pork Curry - pork marinated for 24 hours in gewerztraminer, or Samba Masala, a venison curry from Nepal-North India. In fact the menu at Great India Restaurant features more than 60 dishes - enough to satisfy every taste. A substantial beverage list containing a fine selection of New Zealand and international wines, as well as more than 55 local and imported beers is also available at Great India and the knowledgeable waiting staff will happily advise on a prefect accompaniment to your meal.


Tandoori Cooking is an ancient art of barbecue. Originating in North India. A clay wall oven shaped like a vase with flaming charcoal at the bottom. This is an excellent method of baking meats, poultry, fish and bread.

The meat, poultry or fish is first marinated in a roseate spice mixture, then impaled on 1.5 meter long skewers that are lowered into the tandoor. Sheets of a bread dough, called Naan, are also slapped against the sides of the oven and peeled off when crisply charred and blistered.